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Subject: "The Domino Effect" Chapter OneThis story depicts sex mary anne teen porn between teenage boys with other teenage boys and
with younger boys, and future chapters will depict sex between teenage boys
and younger boys with men. If you are offended by such material, what are
you doing browsing this section?I encourage my readers to email me with their comments, suggestions,
feedback of all type, etc. Flames will be ignored. I have so far written 5
chapters of this story so future chapters will be submitted to
soon. I especially love to get email from other people who have had stories
previously published in either the gay or bisexual "adult-youth" or
"young-friends" section and want to bring their stories to my attention.
The Domino Effect
by Peter James Kreutzer CHAPTER ONE
God I suck at this. I have so much to tell you, I don't even
know where to begin. My name is Robert and my story begins in 1974
when I was 16 years old, living in Southern California. What a
crazy time. Vietnam, Nixon, dropping young teen non nude acid, skateboarding and
surfing with your friends. I was just starting to get interested in
sports. The Oakland A's had beaten the New York Mets in the World
Series the previous October. Now it was springtime. The weather is
always nice in Southern CA and now it was starting to get hot. My
best friend was named George and we had known each other since we
were five years old. He was also my boyfriend and lover. We'd
started sucking each other's dicks when we were 12, four years
earlier. Now I know you're saying "Wait a minute! Back up there!"
You think I should start my story there. Trust me, folks. This is
where my story really starts to get interesting, when I was 16. But
if you must know the back-story of me and George, I'll tell you.
It's probably not too different from that of a million other horny
kids who one day stumbled upon the greatest secret he can discover:
that his penis is in fact a magic toy, capable of giving him
indescribable waves of pleasure.
What do you want me to tell you? Our mothers had known each
other before we were born, our families were the best of friends.
We used to sleep over at each other's houses all the time. Our
folks took turns babysitting for each other. Growing up, George and
I liked to play board games together or watch tv. But eventually
that gets old. One day, when we were 12, and I was hanging out at
George's house, I said to him, clearly out of the blue, right hot young nude teens out
of left field, "Hey, you wanna get naked?" I can't remember what
prompted me to say it. Now you probably think that George just
looked at me like I was crazy. Uh-uh. Sometimes kids have a
subliminal, subconscious understanding and recognition for when
something is going to be fun even if they can't put their finger on
why they're consciously doing it. We both knew that we wouldn't
want to get caught dead in our birthday suits by George's mom, but
fortunately we peeked out the window and saw that his mom's car was
gone, which must have meant that she had gone out for a couple of
hours to do some shopping and had left us to our own devices. I
think we even did a sexy striptease for each other.
It wasn't the first time we'd ever seen each other's penises. Our
mothers had given us baths together until we were seven. After
that, George and I used to play "you show me yours and I'll show
you mine" games. Once we were both stark naked, a rush of
adrenaline swept through our bodies... we jumped around on George's
bed and flashed each other. We held our hard dicks in our hands and
waved them at each other. I had been masturbating since I was ten.
I used to sneak peaks at my father's Playboy and Penthouse
magazines. I knew where he hid them. Yet I'd never really talked to
George about sex or masturbation before.
Well the naked games continued for a while but I was always too
fucking embarrassed to put a move on George. That's assuming that I
even knew what to do. Oh who am I kidding? I read Penthouse Forum.
I knew what a blowjob was. I can even vaguely remember letters from
readers who had experimented with homosexuality and wrote to
Penthouse advice columnist Xaviera Hollander to ask her if that
meant that they were queer.
One day, things got interesting. At George's house, there used to
be some crawl space used for storage between the outer wall and the
inner wall of the house. The crawl space was lined with carpeting
and you could see the pink insulating material lining the brink
outside wall. There was a tiny lightbulb with a string you pulled
to turn it on. The whole thing couldn't have been more than four or
five feet tall. Not really tall enough to stand up in, but with
enough headroom that you could stand on your knees inside there. I
remember that there were also these tiny holes in the wall. These
were for ventilation. Well, guess what? One day when we were
fooling around, naked, we crawled into the crawl space and made an
incredible discovery. The ventilation holes were at precisely the
perfect height and size for us to stick teen models teen porn
our dicks through if we
knelt in front of one. So we'd take turns doing that, little teen girl porn and whoever
was on the outside got to see how funny (and erotic?) it was to see
a disembodied dick poking out of the wall. We'd never even heard of
glory holes before, but teen film sex we had accidentally discovered them.
Well you know I couldn't help myself. I reached out hot teen erotic porn and grabbed
George's dick, sticking out through the hole, just to play a joke
on him. I gave it a pull, not too hard to really cause him serious
pain, but hard enough little teen girl porn
where I could take a firm grip on it and I
tried to pull on it and pull it through the hole. George laughed
and pulled back, thus eluding my grip. But a second later he put
his dick back through the hole and told me to do it again. I gave
his dick a few more manipulations and he said to me "Jerk it off!"
Well, there you are, kiddo. The cat is finally out of the bag,
and how long had I perhaps subconsciously been hoping for something
like this to happen? But now was not the time to say something like
"Hey, you know, George, you just said something very revealing.
For the first time in our relationship one of us has said something
to the other that reveals an awareness of sexuality and
masturbation. I'm really attracted to you. Would you like me to
suck your dick?" Something kind of like that must have been
circulating through my tgirl teen porn synapses at the time, but my twelve year old
mind could not articulate it quite like that. Instead, I simply
said, "You mean, like this?" and proceeded teen titean porn to rub my fingers
lightly up and down his shaft.
I told you I suck at this. My mind is focused on the time when
George and I were 16 and we were engulfing each other's cocks in a
wicked 69 side to side when George's 12 year old brother Danny
walked in on us. But we haven't gotten to that point porn teen pictures yet. Patience!
The reason it's hard to have patience is because I know that you
already probably can guess what happened next. I mean when I was
masturbating George for the first time through the glory hole. Yes,
that's right. I did it for a little while and then I said "hey, my
turn" and we switched places and he free all teen porn
did the same thing to me for a
You've probably read stories before about kids who seem to have
knowledge and insight about sex, wisdom way beyond their years and
you think it's a crock of shit. I found out later that George's dad
was also an avid reader of such dirty magazines like Playboy and
Penthouse, and even swankier ones like Jugs, Hustler and Oui.
George had also been wacking it for about as long as I had. But we
were both terrified of trying to put a move on the other for fear
of rejection. So you see, we really weren't naive at all about sex.
Far from it. We'd just never had the nerve to reveal our knowledge
to each other, before now.
I wish I could remember what finally made me say to myself "fuck
this bullshit" but I decided to take some initiative. And somehow I
think, despite how turned on we were getting, there was still a
little bit of residual embarrassment at work, so what we did next
was a lot easier because we didn't say a whole hell of a lot to
each other. I just simply pulled my dick out of the hole, climbed
out of the crawl space and told George to follow me. amature gay teen porn
We went back
to the den that adjoined his bedroom and sat on the couch and
immediately I put my hand in his lap and resumed fondling and
stroking his erection and it took him half a second to take the
hint and did the same thing to me.
God, this stuff seems positively boring to me compared to what
Danny did when he came into George's room, looking for his
brother's baseball mitt. We were so fucking pissed off and
embarrassed, and also terrified that he was going to tell someone.
We cursed him out and chastised him for not having the courtesy to
knock first. We tried to turn the tables on him but would you
believe that little shit turned the tables right back on us? When
George threatened to pound on him if he told anyone what he saw us
doing, do you want to know what he said?? "You catch more flies
with honey than you do with vinegar." He must have heard someone
older than him saying it once and had asked them to explain what it
meant. When we asked him what he meant by that, he said "I'll keep
your secret if you suck my dick too." I'm not sure which of us the
comment was directed to; probably both of us as a pair. Fuck, fuck,
fuck! Stop jumping ahead!!
George and I quickly discovered that if we sat on the floor
Indian style and faced each other, that we could both use our right
hands to masturbate each other, whereas in the crossed hands
technique sitting side by side someone must do it left handed. We
did it like that for a couple of minutes and then I said to George
"I bet I know something that will feel even amature gay teen porn better than this."
"What?" he asked me.
Well, we were dumbfounded. But I guess I was a little turned on.
"Come over here, Danny." I said to him. He shut the door and
complied. "Take off your clothes." I told him. He did as he was
told. When he was teen porn publicly naked I instructed him to lie down on the bed.
His four inch pecker was already at full attention. I could tell
that the whole "incest taboo" thing was kind of creeping out
George, but there was also a kind of morbid fascination to it, as
he realized that he was about to witness his brother's first sexual
experience. I thought to myself, "this kid doesn't know hot teen erotic porn what he's
getting into" and I dove in on him and sucked and licked and
engulfed his dick with ravenous attention. I made that kid cum in
42 seconds!! When he reached orgasm he started to scream so loud
that George had to clamp his hands over his mouth to stifle the
"This!!" I said, and dove into his crotch and started giving
Danny's brother his first sexual experience four years earlier. How
many times had I fantasized about sucking another boy's dick?? I
mean, I free adult teen porn
thought I was hot shit because I was introducing George to
the world of blowjobs. I homeade teen porn couldn't have been sucking him for young teen punk porn more
than 15 seconds when he said to me, "Oh yeah, well I bet I know
something that feels even better than that!" I took my mouth away
from blowing him long enough to ask him what he meant. He pushed me
so that I was forced to lay flat on my back, then swung himself
over me so that his crotched loomed above my face and then he dove
in on my dick and started sucking me. I returned the favor. "Oh,
yeah. '69.' " I vaguely thought to myself.
So this is the end of chapter one. From that day on, George and I
sucked and fucked each other every opportunity we got. We revealed
to each other our mutual knowledge of masturbation and pornography,
read about anal sex from the magazines and decided to try it on
each other (we used baby oil for black teen porn ass lube). We went from cumming on our
own stomachs and each other's asses, to cumming in each other's
mouths and asses. But when Danny entered the picture, everything
changed. I thought we free chunky teen porn were horndogs! FORGET ABOUT IT!! We created a
monster that day! Danny couldn't stop bombarding us with questions.
I mean, he had the same basic vague understanding of sex from the
"birds and the bees" talk that his folks had given him, and from
the dirty jokes his friends told him, and he later admitted that he
saw George putting something back into a lesbian teen pics porn closet once and that's how
he too found his father's stash of porno mags. I suppose, looking
back, maybe George and I were getting a little bit bored of
stuffing our throbbing big teen ass cocks down each other's throats and up each
other's asses. The thought of some fresh meat excited us, and
George's Freudian id told his Freudian superego to take its "incest
taboo" lecture and go fuck itself. Suddenly it was like I had two
boyfriends. George later told me that he never had sex with Danny
when I wasn't around, but Danny constantly hounded us to initiate
sex with him, whether I was coming over to hang out at George's
house, or Danny invited himself to tag along when George came over
to see me. And you think you've got a handle on where this story is
going? HA!! We haven't even fucking scratched the surface yet!!
Wait till you find out what happened when Danny took his newly
found sexual knowledge and shared it with his best friend Billy!!
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